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Jon Swift: Dear Sam Fox, Can You Spare $50,000?

2/2/2007· When Kerry asked you why you gave the Swift Boat Veterans $50,000, you said, "I gave away $50,000 because I was asked to." Frankly, I had no idea it was so easy to get you to part with $50,000. I didn''t realize that all anyone had to do was ask. So, I''m asking.

Mark Wadsworth: They own land, give them money!

11/10/2021· Landowners are being offered up to £50,000 per acre per year to have containers full of batteries sitting on their land. The current agricultural rent is about £120 per acre per year. Where''s the money coming from? the government''s Green Levy, i.e. higher energy bills for the likes of you and I. The best tax may be the tax that other people pay, but it''s even better when they don''t know that

Jon Swift: Looking at the Bright Side of World War III

7/7/2006· Looking at the Bright Side of World War III. As events in the Middle East spiral out of control, many are worried that we may be on the brink of World War III. I must admit that I, too, was concerned about the violence and bloodshed over there until I started reading what folks on the Rapture Ready Forum are saying.

My Australian Journal: May 2012

''''At this stage Julian Assange stands a very real chance of being elected to the Senate should he run. ''''In a half-Senate election he''d take the spot from the Greens.'''' Senate support for Mr Assange is strongest in NSW at 27 per cent compared with 23 per cent in Victoria. At the next election, there is no Greens spot up for grabs; the only NSW

Wings Over Scotland | Blue Like The Atlantic

14/8/2021· “Julian Assange loses court battle to stop US expanding extradition appeal” . Carole says: 14 August, 2021 at 9:28 am. But Nicola has two big yellow buses with her face on. Why isn’t Mike Russell earrassed to be in that picture? David Gray says: 14 August, 2021 at 9:28 am. The main thing to remeer about a trailer is that it requires a prime mover to take it anywhere. Is the SNP that

UK housebuilders ''restricting the supply of new houses to

1/3/2016· Taylor Wimpey announced a record operating profit margin of more than 20 per cent yesterday as it sold more homes at higher prices. Pre-tax profits at …

Disaffected and it Feels So Good: The Surge! The Surge! We

31/7/2007· Michael O''Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack. Ah and that''s the key isn''t it, the Surge should go on for another year, despite everything to the contrary, the troops have to stay, the money has to keep flowing, the anti-war loonies have to be marginalized and the blood of Americans and Iraqis has to keep flowing because you spent a week in the desert.

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CNN - Transcripts

18/8/2014· Now to London now where WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange says he will soon leave the Ecuadoran eassy. He''s been living there since 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden. Now Assange did not say exactly when he might come out, but a WikiLeaks spokesperson tells CNN his departure is not imminent. Now Atika Shubert has covered this story extensively for CNN. She joins us now live …

Rigamarole by George

19/12/2020· Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange arrested in London – demanded freedom or threatened to release “Game of Thrones” spoiler. May 2019 . Mick Jagger shared dancing video following heart surgery, resumed tour after roadies finished CPR training. Missing people with lactose intolerance began being pictured on back of almond milk containers. Starbucks cup spotted in episode of ''Game …

Julian Assange jailed for 50 weeks over Ecuador eassy

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Brains and Eggs: Taking the high road

30/3/2008· Whistleblowing Matters: Why the Julian Assange Extradition Case is Critical for Press Freedoms Around the World - Independent journalist Kevin Gosztola returns to the program to deliver an update about the Julian Assange extradition case in the UK, and its disturbing

Germany floods - Looters target abandoned homes & shops

16/7/2021· The devastating storm dumped 148 litres of rain per square metre within 48 hours, which usually sees 80 litres during the whole of July, in the worst deluge for 200 years. Meanwhile, authorities in Rhine-Sieg county south of Cologne ordered the evacuation of several villages below the Steinbach reservoir because they fear the dam there could break. One dam close to the Belgium border, the

Unbordered Rights: The Geography of Cyberspace

5/12/2019· As an example, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, wrote a file encryption program “designed for activists in repressive regimes” and named it “Rubber Hose.” [22] The name is a reference to the physical violence that the state would need to inflict in order to gain access to the contents of the encrypted files. Political dissidents are obviously criminals within their own state

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Each cubic metre of lunar regolith contains 1.4 tonnes of minerals on average, including about 630 kilograms of oxygen. NASA says humans need to breathe about 800 grams of oxygen a day to survive. So 630kg oxygen would keep a person alive for about two years (or just over). Now let’s assume the average depth of regolith on the Moon is about ten metres, and that we can extract all of the

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Julian Assange given permission to marry partner in prison POLITICO Antarctic penguin makes rare 1,800-mile trek to New Zealand CBS News Photos

What are the Luanda leaks? - Quora

Answer (1 of 3): Luanda is the capital of Angola.Luanda Leaks, if it pertains to Angola in Africa is a new investigation by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists(ICIJ) a global organization and multiple media houses and external partners.Luanda leaks per se exposes more than t


18/1/2019· At the time of David Rockefeller’s death, he was celebrating the success of his “Councils of Local Governments” organizations which seek to form de facto states within our States and Supra-County local government units — all as outgrowths of the Territorial United States Government operated via Municipal Corporations.

Plight of the Unpeople: State of denial: Robert Fisk

12/2/2010· Robert Fisk takes a road trip through a divided land, from Ben-Gurion''s Tel Aviv villa to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and the besieged Gaza Strip. There are no armed guards on the gate of Nuer 17 Ben-Gurion Boulevard in Tel Aviv, just a tired, two-storey villa set back from the street and an open door that leads to a dark kitchen and a little room

Council house tenants'' rents ''rise four times quicker than

1/2/2016· The average weekly rent for a council house in England rose by 27 per cent between 2010-11 and 2014-15, up from £67.83 to £85.89 per week – an increase of £939 in annual rent – data from

The Great Change: Pour Evian on Your Radishes

So every drop of water, concrete, foam, rubber glove, fire hose, or anything else that comes into Fukushima''s arc becomes a lethal assassin." Evian is making a killing in Japan. With bottled water in scarce supply (rationed to 2 liters per person when it is available at all), it''s seller''s market.

This is not Admiral Spruance''s U.S. Navy anymore, by Steve

22/10/2021· When the Navy''s large amphibious assault ship / light aircraft carrier Bonhomme Richard under repair in San Diego harbor burned past hope of repair during July 2020, I speculated this multi-billion dollar disaster might have something to do with the Racial Reckoning. My suspicion was wrong: the arsonist sailor was, apparently, a white guy upset over a romantic setback with a sailorette.

14 Of The Greatest Moments In Abbott - New Matilda

13/9/2015· 14. The Bronwyn Bishop ‘What Price Can You Put On An Apology, Really’ Apology. This one is the mother of them all, and is capable of being pulled off only by those with the most refined sense of privilege and entitlement. Introducing Bronwyn …

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3/4/2018· Also on the pod today, why Julian Assange is back in the headlines, a spectacular moon-landing fail, and a six year old who knows how to spin discs. 4mins 25secs Fri 12 Apr 2019, 2:00pm

Singapore Sojourn: 2010

28/12/2010· As per usual, the problem was a created by former WikiLeaks collaborators who are less than enchanted with Julian Assange. This one is to be called ''OpenLeaks''.. and with Xmas in mind, Santa''s cables and WikiLeaks . Related articles. Obama calls leaders, slams ''deplorable'' WikiLeaks ( Wikileaks: Ireland granted immunity to '' abuse'' church officials under

Restart of Notre-Dame restoration pushed back to August 19

9/8/2019· Readings of more than 70 microgrammes per square meter indie potential health hazards, but testing has found much higher levels at buildings as far as one kilometre from Notre-Dame. Story continues. Last week, the city revealed that some schools and daycares beyond a 500-metre perimeter of the church still showed isolated readings of more than 1,000 microgrammes on playgrounds or

Flooding in Venice worsens off-season amid climate change

13/11/2021· FILE - In this Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020 file photo, people wade their way through water in flooded St. Mark''s Square following a high tide, in Venice, …

15 of the best Sur La Table products in 2021 - Xnewsnet

8/10/2021· Named the best blender, the Breville Super Q features surgical stainless steel blades with speeds of up to 186 miles per hour. This fact, coined with a large early 1800 watt motor in a powerful mixer with a sleek design, gave high scores in all our tests. This blender became creamy smoothies and perfectly blended hot soups throughout testing.

‘Human Rights’ And Ecological Crisis In Sri Lanka – The …

7/4/2021· In a wide-ranging mainstream media reporting on Julian Assange, award-winning journalist John Pilger, blasted the Guardian for its repeated diatribe on the WikiLeaks founder. The Guardian editorial made a case for extraditing the Australian to the US, where he could face 175 years behind bars for possession and dissemination of classified information. Pilger offered his interpretation of what

AFRICOM: An Extension of U.S.-European Colonialism and

17/10/2021· WikiLeaks was founded by Australian publisher Julian Assange 15 years ago, on October 4, 2006. In the years since, it has become synonymous with the courageous exposure of government and corporate crimes, as well as the ferocious attempts of the ruling elites to …