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Guaranteed Lowest Custom Compression Garment Prices! Order custom compression garments quickly and easily! Compression Guru can order custom compression garments from all major compression manufacturers. Fill out the Custom Garment Quote Request form on this page or fax measurements into 888-413-7261. Compression Guru does not offer a measuring service. We …

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Juzo Stump shrinkers. For individual oedema treatment on arms and legs. Art. 3021 / 3022. Tailor-made Juzo stump shrinkers for arms and legs are available in the compression classes 1 and 2 and in the Juzo Expert and Juzo Expert Silver knit options, the latter with an antibacterial effect, as well as Juzo Expert Cotton with skin-friendly cotton.

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L&R design and manufacture custom and standard sized therapeutic garments for lymphedema, venous disease, venous insufficiency, and chronic or acute edema. View Products Juzo Juzo offers a complete line of inconspicuous stockings, sleeves and gauntlets designed to manage or prevent lymphedema. View Products SIGVARIS® SIGVARIS® has been committed to developing and distributing premium …

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Toomac Solutions - Home. We are processing orders and enquiries daily during normal business hours. Please phone or email for any enquiries. Toomac Solutions is a leading supplier of medical compression therapy products in New Zealand. Proudly NZ owned. Appointments are temporarily unavailable due to Covid restrictions.

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Compression: 12-16 mmHg Colors: Below Ankle: Pink, Black and White (Pink in S,M,L only) Low Cut: Only available in white Crew: Black and White Knee-high: Black and White. Juzo Silver Comfort Socks. Juzo® Silver Sole is made with X-STATIC® silver fibers which allow Silver Sole to naturally and safely eliminate common bacteria and fungi.

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Custom made compression stockings for women help in your therapy but the measurement needs to be taken by a qualified professional therapist. Most of the time the suppliers would not take responsibility if the garment do not fit you. Inaccuracies in custom made compression stockings measurement is sadly a common factor of customer dissatisfaction and the stockings do not give the expected

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Compression stockings provide therapeutic compression to help manage poor blood flow in your veins, which can cause tired achy legs, chronic swelling, discomfort, spider veins, varicose veins, blood clots and venous ulcers. Juzo designed our Assist, Naturally Sheer, Soft, Dynamic, Dynamic Max and Basic compression stockings to help improve circulation and provide comfort after vein ablation

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View full details. Sale. Juzo. Juzo Silver Sole (5760AC), 12-16 mmHg, Crew. $15.59 USD. View Size Chart Description: Juzo® Silver Sole™ is made with X-STATIC® silver which allow Silver Sole™ to naturally utilize antimicrobial and anti- View full details. Sale. Juzo.

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Find a Juzo Retailer. You will find Juzo Compression Therapy Garments at most medical supply shops, home health stores, women’s specialty boutiques, and select pharmacies. Juzo dealers across North America can help you with proper fitting and the purchase of your Juzo garment. To find a dealer near you enter your Zip code and click the search

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Available in standard or custom sizes for men and women. Undetectable under sheer hosiery; Highest durability; Latex free; Seamless, opaque knit; Measuring guide and fitting chart: 40-50mmHg. Juzo Dynamic (Varin) Thigh Highs (Uni) Open Toe 40-50 mmHg . Price $125.10. Length. Size. Border/Attachment. Juzo Signature Colors. Compression: 40-50 mmHg. Standard Colors: Beige, …

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Shop for compression socks and stockings for travel by the most trusted manufacturers: Jobst, Juzo, Mediven, Sigvaris, Therafirm and Lymphedivas. Medical grade to athletic support. Free shipping, discount prices, and the best customer service.

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With over 35 years’ experience as a manufacturer of custom and off the shelf compression garments, our team is highly experienced in providing compression therapy. Our clinical team help guide you when selecting the most appropriate garment and work closely with medical practitioners and allied health teams to deliver a holistic approach to your compression needs. Benefits of Compression

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Medical compression products must have the right fit. If you feel good, your compression garment becomes your ideal everyday companion. With over 100 years of experience, the well-being of our customers always comes first at Juzo. We manufacture versatile knitted fabrics for an effective compression therapy to provide optimal support to patients in various areas such as lymphology, …

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Advanced Custom Measurement Form for Circular Knit Stockings Phone: 1 800 222-4999 Fax: 1 800 645-2519 Order Information Foot Portion Open toe* Closed toe * Juzo Soft & Dynamic Pair Piece(s) Extremity: Right Left Both Colors: Quantity: Hip Attachment Body Part (worn with AG) 3021 (20-30 mmHg) 3022 (30-40 mmHg) Hook & loop closure Slip on Left Right Worn as one (need T …

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Juzo is one of the best compression manufacturers in terms of specializing for lymphedema. Not only do they make a great line of ready-made comfortable compression stockings, but they excel in making fabrics and custom garments specifically for managing symptoms of Lymphedema. In addition, the team at Juzo is dedied to not only providing the highest quality garments, but also making efforts

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These are the keep moving® benefits of Juzo® compression garments, designed to improve your quality of life, not inhibit it. Family-owned since 1912, Juzo has led the compression therapy garment industry by creating high-quality products that offer you the freedom to maintain a more active lifestyle. Advancements like our FiberSoft® technology, seasonal colors, attractive styles and fun

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Medical compression products have graduated compression. This means 100 percent of compression starts at the ankle or wrist and decreases as it moves up the li. Medical compression also has a dosage amount and it varies from mild (15-20 mmHG) to moderate (20-30 mmHg), firm (30-40 mmHg), to strong (40-50 mmHG).

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Custom compression garments can be made for every part of the body with personalized options like zippers, velcro and pull-loops. All custom garments are sewn to the exact measurements of your body and designed for an accurate fit. Free shipping for all BrightLife Rewards Meers. Join Today! Free shipping for all BrightLife Rewards Meers. Join Today! Menu. Cancel Call or Text Support 1-877

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We carry compression socks, compression stockings, compression leggings, compression sleeves, compression arm sleeves, compression gloves, compression gauntlets, compression vests, compression wraps (or wound wraps), among others. Additionally, we can also have custom compression garments made for any part of your body. Here are some of the great compression …

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Juzo Soft 2002AT Open Toe Pantyhose Compression Stockings; ideal for those interested in an extremely soft, uni support hosiery. Please Note: Colored Stockings are dyed specifically for you. Processing and Shipping may take up to a week longer. Expedited shipping is not an option. Dyed garments are also non-returnable.

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JUZO COMPRESSION STOCKINGS – Bay City Medical Supplies. Posted: (4 days ago) Available Compression: 15-20, 20-30 & 30-40 mmHg Juzo Naturally Sheer Stockings offer a higher level of comfort and fit for women who want legs that feel energized and look naturally beautiful. They complement your lifestyle and your wardrobe, without compromise.

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Juzo Basic Thigh High Stockings provide a unique two-way stretch to prevent stockings from ripping or developing holes. Juzo Basic line comes with a beautiful silicone border and available in either Open Toe or Closed Toe design. Ideal for individuals Compression Therapy; Juzo; Dynamic Line Support Hose. Juzo Dynamic Line offers durable, breathable and comfortable to wear compression

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Advanced Custom Measurement Form for Flat Knit Stockings Phone: 1 800 222-4999 Fax: 1 800 645-2519 Order Information Foot Portion Open toe Closed toe Pair Piece(s) Extremity: Right Left Both Colors: Beige Black Chestnut Violet Quantity: Silicone border Knee darts (Typically not required for Expert (3020) Hip attachment (please give “T” circumference) Compression Knee-High & Thigh-High

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Juzo Soft (2000ADFF), 15-20 mmHg, Knee High, Closed Toe. $38.79. View Size Chart Description: The best stocking for everyday wear. Juzo Soft stockings deliver the softest relief for your legs. Their smooth, suppl View full details. Sale.

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Custom orders are individually priced based upon measurements and options. Call us or fax the completed form for a price quote. Juzo Custom Garment Order Forms. Flat Knit Stockings. Circular Knit Stockings. Arm Sleeves / Gauntlets . To place a custom order, call 800-809-0342. These forms are Adobe .pdf for printing accuracy.

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Compression Therapy (61) Manufacturers; Activa (3) BSN - Jobst (6) Circ-Aid (1) Covidien (1) Dr. Comfort (3) FLA Orthopedics Inc. (15) Jobst (5) Juzo (17) Lymphedivas (2) medi USA (4) SIGVARIS (1) Truform (3) Search. Grid List. View More Details "Sheer Fashion" Pantyhose. Good for swelling, long distance travel, prevention and management of mild venous symptoms, mild Compression …

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SEARCH NOW. Juzo Dynamic Stockings help you live an active life, more comfortably. With the high degree of containment, they deliver firm therapeutic compression for the management of Edema, Lymphedema and advanced Venous Disease. Note: Juzo Dynamic Silver is available in custom.

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Advanced Custom Measurement Form for Flat Knit Stockings Phone: 1 800 222-4999 Fax: 1 800 645-2519 Order Information Foot Portion Open toe Closed toe Pair Piece(s) Extremity: Right Left Both Colors: Beige Black Chestnut iolet V Quantity: Silicone border Knee darts (ypically not required for Expert (3020)T Hip attachment (please give “T” circumference) Compression Knee-High & Thigh-High

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Juzo has been manufacturing compression hosiery for over 100 years. Juzo compression stockings are famous for high quality and a great fit. Juzo’s FiberSoft process wraps every elastic fiber in a soft protective thread to protect your skin and make the fabric more breathable. Consider choosing Juzo compression socks if comfort and easy care are highly important to you. Their excellent sizing

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MZ CustomFit offers the highest quality brands across compression stockings, compression socks, compression garments, lymphedema care, orthopedic bracing, mastectomy, and breast pumps. Our team provides quality products and services for the treatment and prevention of venous disorders and lymphatic disease. MZ CustomFit works closely with most insurance companies to assist in getting …